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epi.8 Listen Up 14-03-2004
Identities, sexual and other, are in question as Jenny tries to explain her situation to her one-time roommate, Dana comes out to her right-wing parents, and Bette begins to consider her own self-image.
Trying to explain her affair with Marina to her visiting college roommate starts Jenny wondering about her sexual identity. Is she attracted to women, or only to Marina? Marina and Francesca (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH) have problems, too.
Bette and Tina join a parenting group, where an encounter with an African-American poet forces Bette to consider how she defines herself and how her relationship with Tina has changed over seven years.
Dana faces the most painful identity issue of all as she prepares to tell her ultra-conservative parents that she is a lesbian — a very public lesbian, thanks to a new advertising campaign.

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