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PILOT Premieredatum: 18-01-2004
PILOT special edition w/ Ilene Chaiken and Jennifer Beals talking about the first episode under the pilot episode.

EARTHLINGS Bette Porter and Tina Kennard have been a couple for seven years and want to start a family. Their next-door neighbor, Tim Haspel, is about to form a couple when his girlfriend, talented young writer Jenny Schecter, moves in. Soon, mixing with Bette and Tina's circle of lesbian friends, Jenny learns that her mid-west university may not have prepared her for what she will learn about life, lust and love in Los Angeles.

PILOT special edition w/ Ilene Chaiken and Jennifer Beals talking about the first episode

epi.2 25-01-2004
Let's Do It
Bette and Tina wait eagerly to see if Tina will get pregnant. Tim, unaware of her encounter with Jenny, invites Marina to a dinner party, outraging Bette and, once more, Kit tries to make amends.
Tina overcomes her concerns about a black donor and she and Bette decide to try for a pregnancy. Tim, excited that he and Jenny are engaged, plans a dinner party. When he runs into Marina, he invites her. He neglects, however, to mention it to Jenny, who finds Marina’s presence unnerving. When Bette sees Marina and Jenny together, she is outraged but Tina says she is being too judgmental.
Alice has stumbled onto a discovery. A matrix of sexual encounters — some fleeting, some long, some enduring — seem to link the entire lesbian community, and parts of the straight one. This knowledge does nothing to protect her against the return of an old but unkind lover, Gabby (GUINEVERE TURNER) or stop Lacey (TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS) from stalking Shane.
With an important endorsement in the works, Dana is excited. She also has her eye on Lara, the sous chef at the country club, but is afraid to make a move in case Lara is straight. Alice, Shane, Bette and Tina try a series of tests but declare the results inconclusive. A desperate Dana will have to find out for herself.

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