New visitor attractions at Shibden Hall to be opened for Gentleman Jack fans


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The owners of Shibden Hall are looking to open up new areas of the house and grounds for visitors.

Calderdale Council have revealed their plans to develop the ancestral home of the Lister family after a huge increase in Gentleman Jack tourism this summer.

The house near Halifax was home to Anne Lister, the main character in the BBC period drama, during the 18th century and was used as a filming location for the series, which was also broadcast in America.

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Since then, visitor numbers have trebled compared to the same period last year, with Gentleman Jack fans from all over the world descending on the Shibden estate.

The council, who were given Shibden by the Listers in 1933, want to open up unseen areas of the house and grounds to the public and revitalise other 'forgotten' parts of the estate.

They include Walker Pit, the hall's private coal mine, which was named after Anne's same-sex partner, Ann Walker.

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There are plans to re-establish the kitchen garden which once supplied the hall with fresh produce. The patch of land where the original garden stood has since been planted as woodland.

A new visitor centre is also in the pipeline.


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