Ex ‘RHONJ’ Star Jim Marchese Won’t Pay For Son’s College Because He’s Gay Allegedly!


Jim Marchese, the husband of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Amber Marchese, is reportedly refusing to pay for his son's college education because he is gay.

James Marchese set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his tuition, claiming that his sexual orientation is the reason that his father won't fork out for his education:

"At the beginning of 2018, my father "found out" I was gay. This began two weeks of mental abuse that led to me being removed from his home when I told my Mom (her and my father are divorced) and went to court with her," he wrote on the fundraiser page.

"Since this time, my father has been slowly cutting ties with me until I "live according to his standards." Essentially, this meant - and still means - that I have to be "straight" and date women while "admitting" that I chose to be gay so that I could get something out of it from my mother. With this, my father has refused to help in paying for any schooling because he believes I have to live in his home and follow his preferred life-style to be good enough to receive any financial assistance with school," he continued.
So far, James has raised over $10,000 of his $35,000 goal.

Jim is denying that he cut ties with his son because he is gay.

"The school is an utter waste of money," he told Radar Online. "I offered to pay for part of Rutgers or another state school. I have three other children. No way that school is worth it. He wants a private school. He doesn't want to go to a state school."

Jim continued, "He was not cut off. He made the decision to move in with his mom. He's nearly 20 years old. He can live wherever he wants."

His family appeared on the sixth season of 'RHONJ' and exited after just one season.

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