Cult Beauty has launched a shop for our vaginas and we are so on board


Let's stop beating around the bush

We don’t talk about our vaginas enough. Which is ridiculous, because half the population has one.

And on a day when we are celebrating everything femme, lady, woman and girl, Cult Beauty has launched an online shop for everything related to your nunu. And we are all for it.


From pH balancing cleansers and pelvic floor trainers, to vibrators and fanny supplements, this is your one-stop-shop for gynaecological health and sexual pleasure.

The online retailer wanted to start the conversation after a survey revealed that most of women only have a basic anatomical awareness. So they want to tackle the taboo head on, raise awareness, provide education and empower women. And their va-jay-jays.

‘The last two years have been a time of great social upheaval and awakening. Women are shedding the constrictive chrysalis of social stigma, shame and embarrassment; they are starting to own their sexual health and fulfilment and search for solutions and guidance that don’t come from the NHS, porn sites or sex shops,’ explains Cult Beauty co-founder and co-CEO Alexia Inge. ‘From menstruation to masturbation, female wellness and intimate health now exist under beauty’s umbrella. We are launching this new category in partnership with The Lady Garden Foundation because this is about more than products. We’re starting a conversation to help women close the ‘orgasm gap’, but also normalise commonplace issues so embarrassment doesn’t inhibit a better quality of life. We want to help The Lady Garden banish ‘The Silent Killer’ cancers by being loud about the symptoms.’

The Lady Garden Foundation is a brilliant charity that does wonders at raising awareness and funding essential research into gynaecological cancers.


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