MY DAYS OF MERCY Official Trailer (2019) Ellen Page, Kate Mara Movie HD


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Did you know Ellen Page and Kate Mara are in a movie together about love and execution and smoochies? Because they are. It’s called “My Days of Mercy” and it seems intense. Like, life or death intense. Like let’s make a movie about the death penalty and the ethicality of state-sponsored murder, but also with some lesbian love thrown in. 

Obviously, I plan to watch this because it has ladies being gay and all. It has great queer DNA what with Ellen and is being produced by Christina Vachon’s Killer Films (“Go Fish,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Carol”). And Kate Mara is Rooney Mara’s older sister – so playing gay ladies on screen is obviously a hereditary trait. Obviously. 

You may recall Ellen and Kate’s previous onscreen work, “Tiny Detective,” which had more pantsuits but less kissing.

So, thoughts? The good news is – at least based on their previous “Tiny Detective” work – Ellen and Kate seem to have more chemistry than Ellen and Julianne Moore had in “Freeheld.” Bless their hearts, they sure tried. But here’s hoping Lucy and Mercy find love in a hopeless place. 


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