Sofia Vergara Plays A Violent Drug Lord In Netflix’s Griselda Images

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  The first images from Netflix’s Griselda have been released, teasing Sofia Vergara’s against-type turn as a violent, notorious drug lord.

The first images of Sofia Vergara in Griselda have been released, teasing the actor's turn as a violent drug kingpin in Netflix's new series. From the creators of Narcos, the streamer's upcoming show is a six-episode limited series, chronicling real-life figure Griselda Blanco's rise to power as the creator of one of the most profitable Colombian drug cartels in history. Vergara, who is best known for playing Gloria in Modern Family, and other more comedic roles, was cast in the lead role in 2021, with the series representing a major passion project.

Now, EW has shared the first images from Griselda, showcasing Vergara's titular drug lord character and her violent rise to power. Check out the new images below:

first pixies


Griselda surrounded by candles

Griselda walking in a crowd of men

Griselda eating a ffruit

The images tease a very different type of role for Vergara, who is shown wielding a baseball bat in one image and sporting bloody cuts on her face in another. The EW article also reveals that Griselda will release on Netflix in January 2024.

What To Expect From Griselda

Sophia Vergara as Griselda Bianco smoking a cigarette while asitting at a table.

First releasing on Netflix in 2015, Narcos would go on to become one of the streamer's most popular original series, chronicling the rise and fall of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar over the course of three seasons. The latest iteration of the series, Narcos: Mexico, also proved popular, concluding its three-season run in 2021. The success of these previous shows certainly bodes well for Griselda, which explores similar subject matter with a similarly violent tone.

Vergara has built a career out of playing mostly comedic or more light-hearted roles, with her natural charisma shining through in projects like Modern Family, Hot Pursuit, and The Smurfs. While the actor has certainly dabbled with more serious roles before, like in Four Brothers and Wild Card, Griselda will be the first time Vergara gets to really take center stage in such a project.

Joining Vergara in Griselda is a talented supporting cast of actors, including Rosa Ochoa, Desiree Alexandra Estrada, Martín Fajardo, Tony Graham, Jose Velazquez, Sally Nieves, and Juliana Aidén Martinez, among others. Unlike Narcos, Vergara's new show is being billed as a limited series, meaning it won't continue beyond the planned six episodes. With the latest Griselda images providing a better idea of what's to come, it's likely that a teaser trailer will be released in the next few weeks.


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