Lena Waithe’s new queer drama, Beauty, is coming to Netflix


Throughout her career, Lena Waithe has busted open doors and created the wonderful representation that Black queer viewers deserve, and rarely receive. Whilst I was scrolling through the internet looking for a release date for the highly anticipated third season of her groundbreaking comedy-drama Twenties, I happened upon a trailer for one of her upcoming projects which had somehow slipped through my radar. It was with a heavy sigh that I realised I must relinquish my claim to being Lena’s #1 fan. 

The trailer in question was for Beauty, a film written and produced by Lena, which is coming to Netflix on 29 June. Unlike Twenties, it seems that instead of queer joy carrying the plot, we will see the challenges our titular protagonist, Beauty, must face when it comes to navigating the dark side of fame, the pressures of the 1980s music industry, a controlling family and her love for her girlfriend. 

In the film, Beauty (Gracie Marie Bradley) is an emerging singer who catches director Andrew Dosunmu’s eye. She is offered a lucrative record deal. Her parents (portrayed by Niecy Nash and Giancarlo Esposito) are wary of their daughter’s newfound career and the way that fame changes people. With so many voices weighing in on Beauty’s life, I’m eager to find out how/if she will be able to find the power of her own. If Lena’s track record is anything to go by, I’m almost certain that this film could be my next queer fave. 


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