Syd announces marriage to Ariana Simone live on stage


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The iconic musician has “wifed it” and revealed the news to her fans during her Boston show

Neo soul and hip-hop performer Syd announced her marriage to Ariana Simone on stage at a concert in Boston last Thursday, starting Pride month off with a win. The singer previously known as Syd Tha Kyd is shown on stage at the Boston concert in a photo taken by Elspeth Macmillanwhich circulated Twitter.

The image has the cap
ion: “BTW she announced she got married. SHE WIFED IT! Happy Pride, y’all.”

Elspeth Macmillan originally posted the image after attending the concert at the Royale in Boston, later posting on Twitter: “She announced that she’s married and [the] crowd went wild.”

“[She] eventually brought Simone onstage during Right Track and leaned heavy on the ‘wife that’ lyrics.”

Syd and Ariana have been openly dating for a couple of years with Simone appearing in several of Syd’s music videos and fans knowing who she is. It is currently unknown when and where the marriage between the couple took place.

The 30 year old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California originally gained popularity as a member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future before founding her own band, The Internet, in 2011. Syd is currently touring her second solo studio album Broken Hearts Club which was released in April 2022.

The screenshot currently has almost 30k likes and almost 3k retweets on Twitter with many fans giving their congratulations to the couple, however there have been some mixed emotions regarding the news.

Many of Syd’s fans have taken to the internet to also express their jealousy and grief that Syd is no longer available.


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