7 Paintings of Femmes, Tomboys, and Gender-Neutral Lovers by Joan Cox


"Love is Everything" by Joan Cox

Joan Cox paints dynamic images of tomboys, femmes and gender-neutral lovers, creating a visual history of an often dismissed identity that is deeply personal, distinctly “other,” and yet familiar. 

Using energetic brushwork and a range of dramatic colors across skin tones, Cox captures the electricity and spark between the women on her canvas. By painting intimate scenes, in both pubic places and in domestic settings, she validates the presence of complex, sensual, sexual, and loving relationships between women.  

Cox is represented by Catalyst Contemporary in Baltimore, Md., where she recently held a solo show of her works titled “Frauenhaus.” Her lusciously painted pregnant nude lesbian with her plaid-clad lover, Baltimore Museum of Art's Virtual Summer Salon for the month of August, 2020.

"Lovers Lorangerie"

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