First bisexual Bachelorette in show's history Brooke Blurton meets her VERY attractive female suitors as filming gets underway for Aussie franchise


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Brooke Blurton has met several of her male and female suitors from the forthcoming season of The Bachelorette.

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In pictures exclusively obtained by Daily Fail Australia, the history-making first-ever bisexual Bachelorette addressed the assembly of women and men vying for her heart.

The preamble to the season's first group date was filmed at a heritage-listed property in Dural, in Sydney's north-west, on June 22.

BrookeWith the show's host Osher Günsberg by her side, Brooke, 26, turned on the charm as she spoke to the contestants.

Beaming her bright smile, Blurton looked radiant in a heavy tan jacket worn over a blouse.

After outlining the plan for the day, the cast moved en masse to another part of the property to begin the date.

One of the women hoping to win Brooke's heart, an auburn-haired beauty in a short denim skirt and teal cable-knit jumper, briefly sat on a swing.

She chatted and laughed with another contestant and a crew member before following the others to the pool.

baywatch like
Once there, the men and women stripped down to their swimwear for what appeared to be a Baywatch-themed photo shoot.

Carrying the iconic red flotation devices from the hit '90s TV show, the guys and girls showed off their physiques in skimpy swimming costumes.

At one point, a particularly flirtatious male contestant picked up Brooke as she clutched her mimosa poolside.

He later leaned in for a kiss and she seemed very receptive.

The new photos come after a former Bachelorette expressed her fears for Brooke.

Becky Miles, who was on last year's season alongside her sister Elly, told The Real House Husbands Podcast that many reality TV participants are just looking for fame.

'I'm actually worried for Brooke,' the Newcastle defence worker, 30, told hosts Tim Sattler and Rod Jones.

'I hope everyone is there for the right reasons and they're just going to be all eyes for Brooke,' she added.

When asked if she had any advice for Brooke, Becky said: 'Probably just follow your gut, follow your heart.'

Elsewhere, Becky said she was thrilled to see Brooke taking a shot at love with a mixture of male and female contestants.

'I think she's incredible. I haven't actually met her. I watched her on Nick [Cummins]'s season and I just thought she was a down-to-earth girl,' she added.

Despite not being acquainted with one another, Becky revealed she'd reached out to Brooke after she was announced as Australia's new Bachelorette.

'I just messaged her on Instagram saying, "Congratulations, so happy for you," but she hasn't seen it or replied,' she said.

However, it's likely Brooke didn't reply simply because she was in pre-season lockdown, which is customary for all Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

Brooke shared her thoughts on the journey ahead of her in a thoughtful Instagram post last month.

'How exciting that I'll be embarking on the search to find "my one" in the next couple of weeks,' she wrote.

Brooke Burton
She told her followers she was 'so overwhelmed' by the positive response to her being the first bisexual and Indigenous Bachelorette.

'I've addressed in multiple interviews the immense pressure I feel to protect the communities I am a part of and represent them with so much pride and integrity,' she said.

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