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Deputy s1


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A gritty crime drama with the flavor of a classic Western, Deputy was created by Will Beall. The show follows an ensemble of ambitious and complicated people who won’t rest until justice is served.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is one of the largest police forces in the world, but when the elected Sheriff dies, an arcane rule in the county charter (forged back in the Wild West) suddenly thrusts the most unlikely man into the job. A true “white hat”, Bill Hollister (Dorff) is a fifth-generation lawman and is only interested in justice.

Bex Taylor-KlausBex Taylor-KlausUnder Hollister’s command is a county-wide crew of LA’s finest. They include Deputy Cade Ward (Van Holt), a former Marine who’s eight years sober and one of Hollister’s few confidantes; highly intelligent and sarcastic Deputy Brianna Bishop (Taylor-Klaus)at the left; and Deputy Joseph Harris (McGhie), the son of Hollister’s fallen partner.

Hollister frequently butts heads with Doctor Paula Reyes (Martinez) of LA County General Hospital. She’s the hospital’s chief trauma surgeon and also, his wife.

Given a job he never wanted that includes an unfamiliar sea of politics, Hollister quickly learns that doing what is expected and doing what is right are two different things. His innate, dogged pursuit of justice is the only skill the job truly requires.

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