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Jane Fonda Gives Stephen Colbert Advice on Getting Arrested for Protesting!


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Jane Fonda has a few helpful tips about getting arrested for protesting!

While making an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday (January 6), the Grace & Frankie actress talked about starting her “Fire Drill Fridays” as a way to raise awareness about climate change by joining young people to practice civil disobedience.

“Well, humankind is facing the greatest crisis that we’ve ever faced and there were all these young students that were sacrificing a lot and working so hard,” Jane said, explaining what inspired her decision to head to Washington D.C. and start protesting government inaction on climate change.

Stephen then asked Jane if the police were starting to get fed up of her: “Look, I’m white and I’m famous,” she replied. “What happens to me is different than what would happen if I was a person of colour and I wasn’t famous.”

“We don’t do civil disobedience as a first effort but we’ve been petitioning and writing and marching and begging the government and they don’t hear,” Jane continued. “We’ve used every lever of democracy and so we have to take a step further and that’s why we’re engaging in civil disobedience and risking getting arrested.”

On her advice for getting arrested for protesting: “You wear layers of clothes if it’s winter and you may spend the night in jail, you want a lot of layers so you can use them for pillows,” she told Colbert. “All you need is a photo ID that’s up to date and $50. If you don’t have $50 we give it to you.”


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