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The Secret Of Crickley Hall


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Suranne JonesLili tells Eve that she has heard through Cribben that Cam has drowned and, after a child's body is dragged from a canal, Gabe goes to London to identify it. Lili meanwhile visits Magda, now old but just as evil, and deduces from holding a photograph of the orphans that Nancy was murdered, a fact of which Percy becomes aware for the first time. However in 1943 Percy informed the local vicar of Cribben's violence and he visited the hall. Appalled at what he saw he threatened to inform the authorities, the deranged Cribben's response being to gas all the children - except Stefan, who kills Cribben before being rescued by Percy and Maurice, who, with Magda, escapes the flood that engulfs the bodies. But the past is not wholly buried as a figure from seventy years earlier returns to the hall for a final sacrifice - before the ghosts of the innocents are laid to rest and the family dog returned.

Tags: Suranne Jones, nonlesbian