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The Secret Of Crickley Hall


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Though all the family have seen ghostly evidence Eve persuades them to stay a little longer to locate Cam. She visits Percy and learns the orphans drowned because the hall was built over a river but two corpses were not recovered - those of German Jew Stefan, the object of most of Cribben's cruelty, and the older Maurice, who was seduced by Magda Cribben. Nancy was sacked for her efforts to help but when Percy returned from war service he never found her. A flashback shows why. The Caleighs find a ledger in which Cribben recorded the punishments inflicted on the children after which Eve persuades medium Lili Peel to help find Cam but Lili is overwhelmed and injured by the ghost of Cribben, whose spirit is stronger than those of the children. Gabe meanwhile seeks the intervention of paranormal expert Gordon Pyke.

Tags: Suranne Jones, nonlesbian