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Are You The One? s8


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Are You the One? Season 8 has become the queer dating show that best represents the millennial generation.

Are You the One? has flipped the script and is featuring a cast comprised entirely of sexually fluid men, women, and non-binary people. The new cast runs the gamut in terms of race, gender identity, and even sexuality, with some contestants still struggling to accept some of their attractions alongside others who fully embrace pansexuality. With such an unprecedented amount of diversity in the house, the new season is immediately gripping not only because it offers completely unique storylines and often-underrepresented intersectional issues, but also a massive twist in terms of gameplay. After all, it was hard enough for groups of straight people to find their opposite-sex matches in past seasons, and now everyone in the house is a potential match.

In only its first three episodes, the new season of Are You the One? has already tackled a ton of LGBTQ-specific issues that are very rarely, if ever, spoken about on mainstream television. Right off the bat, Kai hits it off with Jenna. Kai, who is a trans man, bonds with Jenna even more after asking her to watch him inject his hormones.

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