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Gentleman Jack


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I Just Went There To Study Anatomy
Lister begins a playful but dangerous courtship of Ann Walker.

From the Journal of Anne Lister 19th July 1832:
Mr Jeremiah Rawson came at 11 ½ for 25 minutes. Asked what I would take for my coal… The price frightened him.

17th August 1832:
Called en passant on Miss Walker of Lidgate and sat with her tete a tete from 10 to 1! … In playing with it, foolishly broke a pretty ivory book knife Miss Catherine Rawson had given her, very sorry. Miss W behaved very well about it. Said my great consolation was that it would be a good excuse for my giving her one some day from Paris, which I hoped she would value as much as the one destroyed. ‘Yes!’ she should value it more. Thought I, ‘she little dreams what is in my mind…. She has money and this might make up for rank’. We get on very well so far.

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