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Boomerang 2019 s1


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“There’s a thing where you’re seeing dope black shows that are not on BET,” Lena Waithe, an actress who is the executive producer of “Boomerang,” said at the series’ premiere Saturday. “And that time has come to an end.”

grace jones and halle berry on the set of boomerang, 1992  Grace Jones and Halle Berry on the set of Boomerang, 1992
The series is based on the 1992 romantic-comedy movie “Boomerang, starring Eddie Murphy as Marcus Graham and Halle Berry as Angela Lewis, two young black advertising professionals living and loving in New York City. The womanizing Graham gets a taste of his own medicine when Jacqueline Broyer (Robin Givens) becomes his boss. The relationships transform and Graham becomes conflicted about his feelings toward Jacqueline and Angela.

The BET series picks up after Marcus and Angela get married, start their own ad agency and have a daughter, Simone (Tetona Jackson), who becomes involved with Jacqueline's son, Bryson (Tequan Richmond). Simone and Bryson lead the new series, which debuts on BET on Feb. 12. (Berry also serves as executive producer.)

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