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In this thought provoking new five-part series, BBC Three plots a course around the UK to meet those for whom sex, sexuality and having children is less than straightforward. From the couples searching online for their perfect sperm donor, to the transgender escorts grappling with their own identities and relationships, and the comings and goings of a busy sexual health clinic. Sex Map Of Britain is an unflinching exploration of the highly personal stories about sex and sexuality that people across the country have to tell.

Episode 1: Desperately Seeking Semen For some couples unable to conceive naturally, IVF or sperm banks are not an option - but the internet offers them an alternative. This extraordinary film offers a window on a little known world in which couples search online profiles and Facebook groups to find their perfect sperm donor, and the men fathering scores of children up and down the country explain why they donate.

The film follows the couples as they collect their sperm and try to get pregnant, sometimes in unusual places. This film captures a series of memorable stories of couples trying to achieve their dream.

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