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Joanna Lumleys Postcards


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In episode two, Joanna takes a journey through her memories of her travelogue around mainland Greece - both the ancient and the modern. Beginning with Greece’s most famous symbol, Joanna battles her fears and climbs the Acropolis in Athens to get a behind the scenes glimpse at the restoration process.

Joanna then heads to a blush-inducing fortune-telling festival and climbs into the mountains of Delphi to take in some of the ancient fortune-telling fumes.

Next, Joanna visits the spectacular ancient theatre, Epidaurus, where world famous singer Nana Mouskouri performs a once in a lifetime performance.

We meet an extraordinary woman Joanna encountered by chance at an abandoned mountain town - before hearing her story over a shared meal of wild asparagus.

The mountain monasteries of Meteora are Joanna’s last stop, a place she remembers as the most spectacular in all of Greece.

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