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Joanna Lumleys Postcards


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“I was virtually born in a suitcase and my earliest memories are of life on the move. My travels have taken me to far flung places and I’ve had the privilege to visit famous sites, infinitely familiar from picture postcards and see them in a way hidden from most tourists. In this series, I’m going to share with you new insights into some of my most extraordinary experiences.” Joanna Lumley

Over the years, Joanna Lumley has traversed some of the most incredible landscapes and immersed herself in the cultures of the world’s most fascinating cities. In this new ITV documentary series (6 x 30), Joanna looks back at some of her previous adventures, recalling the amazing places, people and things she has encountered on her numerous expeditions abroad and giving new insights into her voyages.

Taking in Greece, China, Russia, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Mongolia to name just a few, Joanna’s travels have been anything but ordinary. She has always thrown herself completely into the culture and history of the places she has visited and has delighted in meeting captivating local characters along the way.

This series features Joanna’s very own highlights and a personal trip down memory lane, using her journals to provide a new look into the moments she most treasures from her travels.

The Egyptian Nile.
In episode one, ‘Joanna Lumley’s Postcards: Egyptian Nile’, Joanna recalls the best bits from her fascinating journey along the Nile, from Egypt to Sudan, looking back at her experiences including an unforgettable camel ride and her famous Dukhan beauty treatment.

From her private home study, Joanna recalls meeting Ramy, her local guide, who took her to a market in Cairo during Ramadan to try a local delicacy, miswak. She then climbs aboard a camel named Charlie Brown to travel to Egypt’s most famous landmark, the pyramids at Giza. Last stop in Egypt has Joanna looking back on her memory of travelling the Nile via a felucca barge with a superstitious captain who believed the river was haunted.

Travelling south into Sudan, Joanna talks of her time in the Nubian Desert and remembers her personal tour of the ancient tomb of Queen Qalhata, filled with fascinating hieroglyphics. Joanna discusses her famous duhkan, a Sudanese beauty treatment, and travels to the home of married woman to partake in the intimate incense bath. Lastly, she meets a local beauty queen and former refugee putting the next Sudanese models through their paces during a temporary country ceasefire.

In episode two, Joanna takes a journey through her memories of her travelogue around mainland Greece - both the ancient and the modern. Beginning with Greece’s most famous symbol, Joanna battles her fears and climbs the Acropolis in Athens to get a behind the scenes glimpse at the restoration process.

Joanna then heads to a blush-inducing fortune-telling festival and climbs into the mountains of Delphi to take in some of the ancient fortune-telling fumes.

Next, Joanna visits the spectacular ancient theatre, Epidaurus, where world famous singer Nana Mouskouri performs a once in a lifetime performance.

We meet an extraordinary woman Joanna encountered by chance at an abandoned mountain town - before hearing her story over a shared meal of wild asparagus.

The mountain monasteries of Meteora are Joanna’s last stop, a place she remembers as the most spectacular in all of Greece.

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