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DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is a ground breaking, sexy LGTBQ drama web series set in West London written by Jacquie Lawrence, produced by Fizz Milton, directed by Campbell X and shot by Oona Menges. This is a world of long term relationships, family, children, secret affairs, same-sex marriage, lesbian and gay co-parenting, friendships and LGBT people afraid to come out. The cast includes Rachel Shelley, Charlie Hardwick, Nimmy March, Jake Graf, Sarah Soetaert, Victoria Broom, Toby Sawyer, Caroline Whitney Smith, Topher Campbell, Helen Oakleigh, Tuyen Do, Sophie Ottley, Guinevere Turner and Craig Robert Young.

epi.1 Two Pink Lines
Reunited after a break up, Cam (Tuyen Do) discovers a secret that she has to keep from her girlfriend Fran (Victoria Broom). But how long can she keep it? Meanwhile new lovers, Jude (Guinevere Turner) and Gemma (Sarah Soetaert), are interrupted by Gemma’s faux fiancé whilst something threatens the domestic harmony of Nicola (Caroline Whitney-Smith) and Brooke’s (Rachel Shelley) family life.

epi.2 Mythical Amazon
Now that Cam’s (Tuyen Do) secret is out, how long can she hold on to girlfriend Fran (Victoria Broom)? Who is keeping Nicola (Caroline Whitney-Smith) away from her wife and kids and do gay dads Ivan (Topher Campbell) and Claude (Jake Graf) suspect? Meanwhile, Gemma’s (Sarah Soetaert) fake fiancé Kirby (Toby Sawyer) gets increasingly close to Jude’s (Guinevere Turner) son Max.


epi.3 Are You Five?
Ivan confronts Nicola about her behaviour. Jude (Guinevere Turner) confronts Gemma (Sara Soetaert) about Kirby’s (Toby Sawyer) interest in her son Max. Fran (Victoria Broom) confronts her twin brother, Tom (Craig Robert Young), about Cam’s secret. Brooke (Rachel Shelley) confronts Nicola (Caroline Whitney-Smith) about her plans to abandon her for a conference whilst Jude confronts Kirby about everything!

epi.4 Ya Think
Claude (Jake Graf) and Ivan (Topher Campbell) are bemused by Kirby’s (Toby Sawyer) strange behaviour. Kirby persuades Gemma (Sarah Soetaert) to betray Jude’s (Guinevere Turner) trust. Comforted by her mum, Maud (Charlie Hardwicke), but harassed by long-suffering Dasha (Sophie Ottley), Cam (Tuyen Do) makes two brave decisions, one of which breaks Fran’s heart.

epi.5 Just say The Word
Brooke, unaware of Brooke’s (Rachel Shelley) continued betrayal, makes a new friend in Jess (Nimmy March). Gemma (Sarah Soetaert) breaks the news of her and Kirby’s betrayal to Jude (Guinevere Turner). Nicola (Caroline Whitney-Smith) is forced to break the bond between her and ex-girlfriend Jude whilst Fran (Victoria Broom) spirals more and more out of control, and Dasha (Sophie Ottley) is at the receiving end.

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