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Black Girls Rock 2016


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BeverleeBeverlee Bonds" 10 years ago, I started Black Girls Rock to showcase the value, diversity and complexity of black women and to challenge the narrow, degrading and often stereotypical narratives in media that were so prevalent at the time. Today black girl magic is in full effect, this message of black girls rocking has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and has a tremendous impact in forging a paradigm shift regarding the ways that black women are depicted and viewed but, there’s still a systemic devaluation of black women and girls in our society. Our safety is still compromised, our bodies are still victimized, objectified and commodified. Our narratives are still being pushed in the margins and there still continues to be a lack of diversity in mainstream media.


Black girls still have to grow up with pervasive and paradoxical messages, that say our black is not beautiful but our features can be bought and sold to enhance the beauty of other women and when black girl swag and the black girl aesthetic are only dope without the black girl, but it skyrockets in value and it’s put on a pedestal when its appropriated purchased and placed on other bodies, our girls internalize this to mean that they are less beautiful, less important and less valuable, less lovable therefore, less worth defending and safe guarding. When black girl and women are abused and violated, assaulted and molested, or go missing at alarming rates and there is minimal media attention around their stories, it sends a message to the world that black girls’ lives do not matter. But we do matter, our presence matters, our voices matter, our complexity matters, our vulnerability, our resilience, our strength, our safety, all that we are matters. I started Black Girls Rock because I love us and I believe in us and I want us to walk confidently in our authentic truth, Iwant us to feel righteous inour spirits, I want us to feel beautiful in the skin that we are in and I want us to be free. I want us to be free. To all the black girls around the world, own your magic, walk in your purpose, and rock your truth…

— Beverly Bonds, Creator. (Black Girls Rock 2016)

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