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Bad Girls s2


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The second series picks up several weeks after the last. Helen Stewart is long overdue to return to work after taking leave and Fenner is acting wing governor until her return. Shell and Fenner's affair reaches a head when he discovers Shell has been writing and phoning his wife and told her of their affair. Helen discovers Nikki is innocent of contacting Fenner wife, as Shell originally had Fenner believing it was Nikki. Fenner attacks Shell for deceiving him, which causes conflict between Helen and Mr. Stubberfield as Helen believers that Fenner did attack Shell, the conflict causes Helen to resign and brings her closer to Nikki, but she later returns to run the lifer's unit. New officer Karen Betts accepts the role of G-Wing governor. Zandra gives birth to a baby boy but her happiness is short lived as her ex fiancé, Robin applies for custody and things get worse for her as she receives devastating news. Yvonne begins to do deals with Fenner, Denny gets in contact with her estranged mother, Jessie, and Julie Johnston discovers her kids are back in England and gets in touch.

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