The L Word

“Answer me!”

Of social media chaos, hot sex and representation


On the countdown to this season’s second episode, the The L Word fandom was all up in arms on various topics (although “Tibette” usually is somewhere at the base of the heat). From an alleged dramatic drop in ratings after the first episode aired, which could (“of course”) have been avoided had the couple still been together at the center of it all, representing “longevity in same sex relationships”, to people all prepared to defend “Gigi cinnamon bun Ghorbani” from any haters, if need be. The anticipation amidst it all was palpable, as we all knew what was coming: sizzling hot GiBette awaiting us to either completely blow us away hungering for more, or to have us turn our heads (or turn off the entire TV or whatever device projected that scene into our heads) in utter despair and disgust. Neutral ground seems a scarce commodity when it comes to our opinions about this show, and so social media remains our way of venting, hoping, distressing, joking, loving, hating, fighting, and sometimes thankfully also making up again.

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