MTV Style gets intimate with OITNB's Ruby Rose about her 'intimates'


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 Longtime MTV friend of the family, Ruby Rose, is back on our radars and just quietly, we're pumped about it. The 29-year-old model and actress not only features in the centenary campaign for Bonds underwear but she's also about to blow up big time with a staring role in US hit TV show Orange is the New Black. We chatted to the pretty tomboy all things style, icons and being a role model...

Do you see yourself as a role model for younger girls? 

I hope so. I don’t think I’m a role model for everybody, as people relate to different people. But I like that I’ve been called a role model by different people and people’s parents and media outlets. Some people decide to take on the role model attitude and some people don’t. I definitely signed up for it; it’s part of the reason why I got into the entertainment industry. I wanted to represent minorities in the respect of people who had been bullied in school or people who were gay or lesbian or trans or people who aren’t blonde haired and blue eyed. I have short hair and I am covered in tattoos. I like showing people that it’s within their rights to be different. And at the same time I don’t drink or smoke or anything so I feel like as I get older I’m more of a role model.  

Which do you prefer acting or modelling?

Acting. Not that there isn’t substance to modelling, modelling is a very difficult job. But with acting you get to really grow with a character, and modelling is just one day and the next you move on. Whereas in acting you can really immerse yourself in a character, and play that character for a year.

What is your favourite Bonds product?

Chesty Bonds singlets, they’re the most versatile thing I own.

What was your first Bonds item that you owned?

My mum used to wear the guys Chesty Bonds tanks and I used to end up wearing them after she’d finish with them. She’s a painter, and they would be covered in paint splatters. She would wear them and wear them until they were super-soft, and then I’d get them. But I was just a kid, so they were like a dress on me. It was many, many years until I bought my own stuff.

Would you rather wear a cheeky cut brief or a pair of boys jocks?

Boys jocks, boys jocks, every time.

Describe in one word the moment you get home from an event, change out of your gown and into a pair of trackies….


Describe your personal style...

It’s sounds cliche, but I’m mostly androgynous in what I wear. I’ll wear a lot of tomboy clothes but still dress glam if I have a red carpet event. It’s a bit of a mix, but mostly androgynous.

Who is your style icon? 

Annie Lennox. Back in the day, she was such a pioneer for my whole look and what I enjoy doing, which is short hair and wearing suits and ties, but still with a feminine silhouette. She still has that real rock star look.

Vivienne Westwood. She can dress really crazy and absurd and be really demure as well.

Madonna. Especially in the late 80s/early 90s. She’s one of those people who goes against Coco Chanel’s theory of ‘before you leave the house take off one item,’ and Madonna’s the opposite. Before she leaves the house, she adds 75 necklaces, and that’s what I like, wearing as much jewellery as possible.

What is your fashion obsession at the moment?

A pair of Chanel combat boots. I wanted them for years, but this year I was like, ‘You know what? I’m buying a pair of the Chanel combat boots. I don’t care. And I’ve worn them almost every day and they just look better as they wear. So I’ve been having to say to my fiancé, "See? I do wear them everyday, they are already paying for themselves!"

How does Aussie style differ to American style?

Because I live in LA, there’s not a huge difference. Aussies are really laid back and so are Californians. I haven’t noticed a big difference, and I think that Australians have really caught up in the fashion cycles. We have some really great emerging designers, and thankfully America is now over that whole Ed Hardy thing.

 5 wardrobe items you always pack in your suitcase?

Trackie daks, a pair Balenciaga kicks that I love, my Nike Frees because I always workout when I travel, my leather jacket, and I have this ridiculous ‘rif raf' style chunky Versace necklace, which is too much but I love it.

5 beauty items you always carry in your handbag?

Baby lips by Maybelline, I use the neutral, non-colour, because I have naturally pink lips.
Volum Express Falsies mascara by Maybelline.
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, which I’ve worn forever but I just haven’t moved on from it. I just can’t move on from it. 
A bottle of water. I know it’s not technically a beauty item but whoever says it’s not is lying because water is the best way to get the best skin and the brightest eyes.
Gum, because I like to have nice breath.

I don’t really carry many beauty products with me, I don’t have much hair, so I don’t keep a hair brush or anything like that, I’m pretty low key.   

What was your big fashion splurge when you got your first big pay check?

I bought a Balenciaga Motocycle bag, and I regret it because it started a horrible obsession with buying designer handbags. I blame Pip Edwards for that because when I was five years into my career I just had backpacks, and she said to me, ’You just need to own one designer handbag, that’s all you need, only one’. So I went and got the edgiest one I could find, and now, of course, I have this stupid collection of designer handbags. 

Favourite outfit you’ve ever worn to an event?

The Miu Miu dress I wore to host the Aria’s red carpet many, many years ago [in 2010]. People didn’t even recognise me because it was this embellished pastel dress that I wouldn’t normally wear, and I had hair extensions in, but I really loved that look.

Most cringe worthy outfit you’ve ever worn to an event?

Oh, that’s hard… I don’t think I have one.

Favourite Aussie designer?

Toni Maticevski - both personally and professionally.

Favourite style Instagram account?

My fiancé’s (Phoebe Dahl). 


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