Watch the trailer of "The Date", one of the best lesbian movies of the year


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Here is the trailer for the lesbian movie “The Date” which is one of the best films to watch in 2019.

Written by Hansof Waller and directed by Emmalie El Fadli, “The Date” is a love story between two women, Lizzy and Olivia, who meet on the Internet. They are total opposites when it comes to careers and dress sense BUT they have one thing in common... they both swiped ‘right’ on each other. So the next step is to meet.

The film features Miriam O’Brien as Lizzy and Claire Cartwright as Olivia in the main roles of “The Date”.

No doubt that this lesbian romance will remain in your mind. It differs from other lesbian films because it is a story that ends well.

“We want to make a difference in how LGBTQ relationships are portrayed in the media and we want to see happier storylines that we can actually relate to,” the team explains. “Hopefully, we can educate and inspire both younger and older generations and show them that positive, healthy relationships happen in our community every day.”

So this is the official trailer. For more information, visit the website


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