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Out screenwriter and director Phyllis Nagy will be working on "So Much Love", an autobiographical film about lesbian singer Dusty Springfield


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So Much Love is a movie that will recount the life of lesbian singer Dusty Springfield. Actress Gemma Arterton will play the main role while the script and the direction will be Phyllis Nagy's work.

According to Deadline, So Much Love, which is set in 1968 at the peak of Dusty Springfield’s popularity, will follow the hitmaker as she travels to Memphis, Tennessee to record her album "Dusty in Memphis". It will follow her as she navigates her way through the politics of the recording studio and the city. It will also explore her encounter with the music of Motown, her stand against apartheid policies during her aborted South African tour, and her thorny brushes with men in the music industry.

Actress Gemma Arterton (photo 2) will play Dusty Springfield in this first autobiographical feature film by out screenwriter and director Phyllis Nagy, who participated in the film "Carol".

"I have been an admirer of Dusty Springfield since I was a teenager: her effortless husky voice, the way she conveyed emotion through music, how she helped bring Motown to the UK," Arterton said. "Dusty was ahead of her time in many ways and inspired so many future artists. She was generous, witty, mercurial, shy, extrovert and a true English eccentric. I simply cannot wait to play her.”

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Nagy added, “Dusty Springfield has long been a hero of mine — an innovative, brilliant artist and a complex, contradictory woman — I can’t wait to bring her to life on screen. I am thrilled to partner with Number 9 on So Much Love, our third film together. Elizabeth and Stephen are inspiring producers who advocate fiercely for their filmmakers’ visions. And to collaborate with an artist of Gemma’s caliber — she’s an amazing talent — is a writer/director’s dream come true.”

So Much Love will be shot in the United Kingdom and the United States in Spring 2019.


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