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Ireen Wust Olympic Champion- lesbian or bi ? We don't care


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Ireen Wüst, with her victory at the 1500 meters at the Olympic Games in South Korea, is the first Dutch Olympian to win five gold medals.

The 31-year-old Brabant resident is also the first Dutch athlete to win a gold medal at four games in a row.

Wüst took her first Olympic title in 2006 in Turin at 3000 meters. Four years later, she was the best in the 1500 meters in Vancouver.

There she added two golden plaques four years ago in Sochi. She did this individually on the 3000 meters and with the team on the chase.

Ireen has been on our gaydar since she came out with her girlfriend and fellow skater Sanne van Kerckhof in 2009:

In the magazine TVM Helden, a publication of the sponsor of her team, she revealed in November 2009 that she had a relationship with the short tracker Sanne van Kerckhof at that time. This news turned out to be food for the various media, which immediately placed the label 'lesbian' on her.

In an extensive interview with Sportweek (March 2010) she told how it really is. "I do not like being put in a box , but that's what they do in the Netherlands: you fall for a girl, you're immediately a lesbian, if you don't say no to men, then you're bi. Labels  do not matter to me. I fell for men too, but now I have a relationship with Sanne, and that makes me happy. "

Fast forward to 2017 ..
Ireen Wüst went to the Games in South Korea at the expense of her girlfriend Letitia. But that does not stop the couple from being lovers. According to Insiders, they will live together after the Winter Games.

For four years the Dutch skaters have lived to achieve a medal in South Korea. Everything had to deviate for these Olympics. In particular, their private lives were under pressure. But for those who are still in love, the reward is great. Because after the Games there is plenty of opportunity to start living together and getting married.

During the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, the disappointment for Letitia de Jong (24) was great when it was precisely her friend Ireen Wüst (31) who made sure she was not allowed to go to the Games. The two skaters, who have had a relationship since the beginning of 2017, knew that a podium place for Ireen could have major consequences for Letitia. Ireen was third, Letitia fourth and can not participate in the Games.

Earlier this year Letitia and Ireen posted some cute piccas of their holiday in Cuba together before hitting the ice at the Olympics

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