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Belgian bobsleigh Olympian athlete comes out on Instagram


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 L-R: Lore Simons and bobsleigh athlete Sophie Vercruyssen

Sophie Vercruyssen posted the message to mark her fifth anniversary with her partner

ophie Vercruyssen, a member of the Belgium women’s bobsleigh team, has posted an anniversary message to her partner on Instagram. Vercruyssen is currently in PyeongChang, South Korea, as part of the Belgium squad. This morning she posted a message on her Instagram to mark five years with her partner, Lore Simons.

‘5 years of big love and still counting! Hope we will be able to celebrate this day together instead of in different countries more than once in the next years!
#athletelife #mylove #mijnvrouwtje#anniversary #stillcounting #love’

Sophie Vercruyssen and Lore Simons Sophie Vercruyssen and Lore Simons

Vercruyssen has posted several pictures of herself with Simons, but this one makes clear that the pair are in a relationship.

She is not the only LGBTI member of the Belgian contingent. Figure skater Jorik Hendrickx is also out. They are two of around a dozen out athletes in the Winter Games.

Lore Simons and bobsleigh athlete Sophie Vercruyssen


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