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“VIDA” Trailer Has Everything: Butch Lesbians, Queer Latinas, Post-Mortem Lesbian Revelations


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The first trailer for Starz‘s spring debut VIDA dropped today — and it’s just as queer as we promised it’d be! If make it gamely through all of the days between this day and May 6th, there’ll be a lot in store for us. For example, girls kissing with tongue.

The story concerns two Mexican-American sisters returning to their old neighborhood in East Los Angeles after their mother’s death. One of the sisters dates women (but doesn’t wanna label herself) and non-binary actor Daysi Cantu plays the butch lesbian their mother was dating when she died, which seems to not be a thing everybody was aware of! It’s energetic and real and dark and we’re so stoked.

Check it out:

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