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‘Princess Diaries’ Star Heather Matarazzo Is Engaged To Writer-Comedian Heather Turman


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  Heather Matarazzo, right, says she popped the question to Heather Turman, left, on Jan. 11. 

Heather Matarazzo is gearing up for a happily ever after of her very own.
The “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Princess Diaries” star revealed on Monday that she’d popped the question to her girlfriend, Heather Turman, last week. In an Instagram post, Matarazzo explained that she and Turman, who is also an actress and a comedian, had gotten engaged Jan. 11 but opted to keep it to themselves for a bit. 

Turman, who co-wrote 2017′s “Stuck” and appeared in “La La Land,” called Matarazzo “the absolute, unequivocal love of my life” in a similar post on her Instagram account. 
In their posts, both women cited Paulo Coelho’s 1988 novel, The Alchemist, and its message of pursuing one’s dreams against the odds.

It’s unclear exactly when Matarazzo, who starred in “Stuck,” and Turman began dating. But the women have been outspoken about their feelings for each other on social media for much of the past year.

Matarazzo, who came out as a lesbian during the promotion of “Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” in 2004, has long spoken of her desire to tie the knot. She was previously engaged to singer-songwriter Caroline Murphy, but the pair split in 2012.


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