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Adorable couple describe the differences being out at school and Uni


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 Saskia and Lily are demisexual YouTubers studying at Uni together

British YouTuber couple Saskia and Lily have released a video describing the difference between their life out at high school and at University.

Describing the most notable difference as the reactions to coming out people at high school had.

Talking to Gay Star News about the video the couple says:

‘We think it’s easier to be out at Uni!  It’s a lot more inclusive space to be yourself. Our choice to live in Brighton definitely is helping as well because it’s such a liberal city!

‘Our school wasn’t that great because it was pretty uneducated about LGBTI issues. None of the students before us had been openly gay, so it really wasn’t talked about at all!

Fortunately, the pair feels liberated by their time at Uni and are even finding it hugely easier to express their sexuality more openly – holding hands on the way to the Co-op.

Watch the cute story now:

‘There is basically a lot of LGBTI people here’

The couple says before moving to university they would not hold hands in public, but now they have a newfound confidence.

Talking about how accepting people are, they say at uni ‘there just feels like more LGBTI people here.’

‘Before we’d have school friends and LGBT friends. Now it’s a merge – and they just happen to be like, Bi or something. It’s great.’

Reflecting on their LGBT friends they talk about making plans to go to National Student Pride and out to the local gay clubs.

‘It’s wonderful. Being out at uni is a great accepting time’

Documenting queer life on campus

Writing for Gay Star News the couple explains how they define as demisexual; ‘It is someone who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone’.

The duo were best friends for five years before getting into a long distance relationship.

On a tumultuous A-levels result day, they both had to worry about two sets of results.

As well as waiting to find out if they’d got the results they wanted – if the other didn’t too it would ruin their plans to go to university together.

Thankfully, they got their well-earned results.

And now, the demi romantic pair is regularly documenting life as a queer couple on campus.

Check out the massive giggles that can be found their YouTube channel.


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