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Matt Lambert's New Film Explores the Beauty & Hypocrisy of Nipples


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 “Guess what the most popular nipple search is... ‘are my nipples normal,’” Adwoa Aboah reveals in a stunning and provocative new poem by Alex Holder about those bits of flesh on your chest. Nipples, long the ire of social media sensors and conservatives afraid of their own bodies, are the focus of a powerful new short film by director Matt Lambert.

Following his Berlin Porn Film Festival-winning film Flower and last year’s visceral film Sweat, the Berlin-based artist has returned to the NOWNESS flagship series Define Beauty alongside Aboah for an intimate look at nipples in all their glory in, you guessed it, Define Beauty: Nipples. As model, activist, and Gurls Talk founder Adoah recites a poem about the hypocrisy and censorship of nipples (and Harry Styles’ four nipples), Lambert’s directorial lens focuses in on the diverse array of shapes, sizes, and functions of the controversial piece of flesh.

"The shame of intimacy affects so many of us. It's something whose ambiguity I'm constantly battling," explains the Berlin and London-based filmmaker. "As benign as they may be, nipples have been the catalyst for major conversations that reach across gender, sexuality, and the absurd double-standards in digital censorship.”

As Aboah adds: “The message we are sending to young women about their bodies is very confused. Social media embraces women taking sexy beach selfies, but the minute a nipple is revealed even in an artistic or natural sense like breastfeeding, it is taken down. Being part of this movement is important to me, it’s in line with my continued involvement in female rights.”


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