Watch Sara Ramirez Butch It Up In Her First Appearance On “Madam Secretary”


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 It was less than a month ago when that picture of Sara Ramirez gently descended upon us like mana from the heavens, and now the time has come for her to swagger onto the set of Madam Secretary and continue the process of destroying you by making you swoon so hard you turn to dust and return to the earth. TVLine premiered the clip of Kat Sandoval’s debut just this very morning. The main plot points I would like you to consider are: fresh undercut, pocket chain still in place, tie shirt blazer pocket square, aforementioned swagger. I think also something about an avocado farm(?) and a book tour.

I am pleased to tell you that your beloved Carmen Phillips, who has never seen an episode of this show but has seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy seven times, will have some thoughts and feelings for you after Sara Ramirez’s first episode on Sunday night. 10pm, CBS, pocket square.
And monday morning at, the lesbian free media heaven on earth.


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