Lindsay White releases a new album full of hope entitled "Lights Out"


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Through her new album "Lights Out", Lindsay White hopes to bring a wave of hope.

Lindsay White is a singer and songwriter from San Diego. She is pursuing her solo career after being part of the lesbian folk duo Lovebirds.

"Lights Out" is an album inspired by her own life: the loss of her mother, her marriage with her wife, ...

"I didn’t initially set out to create an album focused almost entirely on grief, but the recording timeline paralleled my mom’s illness and death, so it naturally morphed into a labor of love and loss," says White.

"By the time we were nearly finished recording, I thought to myself, 'These songs are too personal; there's no way people will relate to them.' I'm discovering, though, that we can all connect to each other by sharing our own stories of grief. People say love is a great unifier, but I think grief should get that title. I hope Lights Out helps listeners acknowledge their own experiences with loss. Think of it as a 10-song shoulder to cry on!"

"Lights Out" is now available on all music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer). Lindsay is also touring this summer on the west coast of the United States. She will be in Eugene, Oregon soon before returning to California on August 9 in Pasadena, August 13 in Studio City.


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