Clare Balding reveals her real thoughts on Andy Murray


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In a more lavish location than usual (the infamous podcast cupboard was ditched for a rooftop at Wimbledon), Balding, 46, told GLAMOUR's podcast duo that Murray is an inspiration to not only Britain but the world.“He is extraordinary," said the award-winning broadcaster, who presents Today at Wimbledon for the BBC during the two week Championships. "I think he is such a good story for anybody in this country , or any other country actually, who kind of thinks ‘why would I be able to do that?’ because Andy Murray has never thought ‘ why would I be able to do that?’. He’s always thought, ‘I can do that.’

She then explained her admiration for the Scottish tennis star, saying: "He has not come from a particularly privileged background - yes his mum was a tennis coach, but he grew up in Dunblane, obviously what happened at his school would have destroyed most people. His huge advantage was he had a big brother who was better than him so he tried to keep up with Jamie.”

Murray, who is known for promoting equality within sport (he shut down a journalist for making a sexist comment just yesterday) and his brother Jamie narrowly escaped a horrifying massacre at Dunblane Primary School in 1996 in which 16 children and one teacher were killed by Thomas Hamilton.

Explaining what it takes to succeed in sport, Balding insisted that “commitment is more important than talent."

"There are a load of kids that would be the best in their age group when they're ten," she said on the podcast. "They're not necessarily on tour when they're 20 because actually, the ones that were struggling at ten know what it's like to struggle and they can still struggle at 20."

Listen to the full episode to hear whether Clare Balding thinks it's OK to prefer animals to humans, her opinions on meddling in other people's lives and more sports chat.


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