Ellen DeGeneres to mark 20th anniversary of coming out with sitcom reunion show


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Ellen DeGeneres will host an tribute episode to the most important hour of television in her career later this month.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of when the comedian came out both in her personal life with a Time magazine cover story, and in her ABC sitcomEllen in an instalment titled The Puppy Episode.

The moment is widely considered as the start of a more inclusive attitude when it comes to LGBT+ characters featuring in primetime television in the United States.

To mark the special episode – which aired on 30 April, 1997 – Ellen has reunited the cast for a special hour-long tribute on her chat show, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

t will also include special guest stars Oprah Winfrey and Laura Dern, and marks the first time the cast have reunited since the sitcom ended in 1998. As well as looking back at the episode, the show will also feature messages from celebrities and real-life stories from fans who say the moment impacted their lives.

It will also look at the significance the episode had on the LGBT+ community as a whole.

The very special episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show will air in the US on 28 April.


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