Blondie's 'Fun' Video Stars Raja as a Psychedelic Martian


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Did Debbie Harry just reveal her alternative origin story in Blondie’s new "Fun" music video? We’ve wondered for decades how one person could be so cool, but now it’s safe to credit everything to Harry being rocketed to Mars long ago, where she met RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja. Now they’ve met again in the present to save us from dark days approaching.

Throughout the video, Debbie can be seen rocking with her band, while the rest of the clip follows an astronaut being rocketed to Mars. There, they meet Raja perched on a stallion, who's waiting to convert the astronaut into the ultimate party girl. Once they've been touched by the martian, they’re sent back to Earth into a Studio 54-inspired bash—the perfect mix of glamour and debauchery.

Blondie's new video, directed by Dikayl Rimmasch of Beyoncé Lemonade fame, praised Harry's "beautifully enigmatic" presence in a statement to Rolling Stone. "It was amazing to be on the other side of the glass from her when those 'Debbie moments' happened," he said. "It felt like I had stepped into a parallel dimension."

Watch Blondie's "Fun," below.


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