Women Ages 18-50 React To The Phrase 'She Was Asking For It'


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"Bullsh*t." "Wrong." "Lie." "F**k you." 

These are just a few of the words women ages 18 to 50 years old thought of when they were asked to do a word association with the phrase "she was asking for it." In the latest video from their "One Word" series, Cut Video asked 33 women to respond to the phrase that's commonly used to blame victims of sexual assault for being assaulted. 

Their individual and collective responses offer a powerful commentary on victim-blaming and rape culture.

"Robbed," one woman says in the video. "It doesn’t matter what that person was doing nobody asked to be taken advantage of, no one asked for something like that to be taken from them."

Another woman noted that it doesn't matter what a woman wore or said. "Nobody deserves to have the control over their body taken away from them without their consent," she said.

Towards the end an older woman tells the camera: "No one’s ever asking to be raped."


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