Two years ago: Robyn Crawford at Wendy Williams

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It has been two years now, since Robyn Crawfors was at the show of Wendy Williams to tell more about her relationship with Whitney Elizabeth Houston ( Newark, 9 augustus 1963 - Beverly Hills, 11 februari 2012) .

The video is ripped from facebook and we are sharing it here today as retro news.
There are always people who didn't knew about Whtney's true sexuality. I guess she didn't know it herself how to be herself.
Some of it you can see in the documentary(click at Can I Be Me' to watch it) 'Can I Be Me'.
Or read the book that Robyn has written:
'A Song For You'. CLICK HERE to download the epub of the book.

Robyn Crawford opens up about her romantic relationship with Whitney Houston and her new memoir "A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston.”

The famous radio interview that Wendy had with Queen Whitney in January 2003:

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