Jennifer Beals talks labels, Rosie O’Donnell and Gen Q season two


Jennifer Beals, star of The L Word and The L Word: Generation Q, has been on TODAY to talk about the rebooted show’s second season, which premiered in the US earlier this month. 

The L World: Generation Q aired its first season in 2019, reuniting several members of the original cast including Jennifer, Katherine Moennig and Leisha Hailey. Jennifer said that it was “so much fun” to be returning to their old characters, who hadn’t shared the screen in over a decade. 

The new season also introduces a host of new characters, including Rosie O’Donnell as Carrie. “She’s so wonderful!” Beales gushed. “Carrie and Bette are written to be at odds but it was difficult sometimes because I love Rosie, so that was an interesting challenge!”

She also spoke about the new generation of LGBTQI+ people that the show aims to represent. “You have this generation who is so thoroughly authentic,” she explained, “that they wouldn’t accept any kind of preconceived labels about their gender or sexuality if that wasn’t what their experience was… That inspired us to try to tell entertaining and compelling stories.”

Jennifer revealed that it was these young people’s “courage and bravery” that inspired her work with GLSEN, the education organisation that works to protect LGBTQI+ students from bullying and harassment.

“I have a website,, where I offer prints for sale of photos I’ve taken from The L Word,” she said. “All the proceeds go to [GLSEN] which I think is doing such amazing work.”

Jennifer also spoke about her newest project, a film based on Jessica Knoll’s novel, Luckiest Girl Alive. “It was a really great experience and the subject matter is something that was really gratifying to dive into.”


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