‘The L Word’: All the lesbian sex scenes from the Showtime comedy

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The L Word was a groundbreaking TV show that explored sexuality like never before. The series ran for five years with six successful & sexy seasons. The early 2000s romantic dramedy was created by Michele Abott, Illene Chaiken and Kathy Greenberg. Produced by Showtime, the series entered the hearts of viewers everywhere. 

According to The New York Times, the series “signaled a fundamental shift in lesbian representation”. The L Word explored same-sex dating in a dramatic, fun way. Each character had “trendy outfits, led companies and maintained meaningful friendships”, breaking previous barriers in television. Their sexuality was never judged or reduced to stereotypes. 

The L Word stepped up their game and introduced queer romances to mainstream TV. With a powerful female cast, we found the hottest lesbian moments in the show. Here’s our list of the best sex scenes in The L Word, including our favorite couples & steamy scenes. 

Steamy from the get-go

The pilot episode introduces us to Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) and Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman). They put their bodies on full display in front of a complete stranger. Unfortunately for the random hunk, he didn’t get lucky. These ladies only had eyes for each other. 

Another scene in the pilot episode introduces us to the strangest book club ever! Jenny (Mia Kirshner), and Marina (Karina Lombard) decide to throw away their books and stare into each other’s souls. The pair take out their sexual frustration with this hot affair. Jenny may be cheating on Tim (Eric Mabius), but for her, it was definitely worth it. 

Spa Day

In season 1, episode 10, we discover a new meaning of beauty-treatment. Nothing says I love you like a “beauty salon” bought by your lover. Shane (Katherine Moennig) and Sherri (Rosanna Arquette) have a moment of quick sex before any clients arrive. The sexual affair brings a new meaning to that red barber chair.

What’s cooking? 

Season 2, episode 5,  is where things get down & dirty in the kitchen. Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) and Dana (Erin Daniels) enjoy a midnight snack that everybody saw coming. The menu included playful sex mixed with some messy whipped cream & adult toys.

Vampires in The L Word

No vampires were harmed in this episode, although some characters in this steamy episode try their best to roleplay the dark, blood-sucking monsters. Alice (Leisha Hailey) tries to get over Dana (Erin Daniels) through speed-dating. Alice enjoys her darkest fantasy with Uta Refson (Erica Cerra), giving sex in season 3, episode 5 a new meaning. 

Of course, that’s not the only episode in The L Word where characters bring their fangs out. In season 4, episode 7, Bette (Jennifer Beals) & Jodi (Marlee Matlin) enjoy the fresh taste of each other’s lips for breakfast. According to Pride, they are not naked but are completely “vulnerable”

Away from the crowd

In season 4, episode 8, Shane (Katherine Moenng) & Paige (Kristianna Loken) have a wild ride in a car. They enjoy passionate sex as they wind down the road, their windows getting steamier by the second. Thankfully, no handbrake was needed. 

Even though Season 5 episode 9 was called “Heat Wave”, the title didn’t prepare us for the steamy temperature in that elevator. More specifically, who went down. Bette Porter  (Jennifer Beals) vigorously holds Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman) until they are back with civilization. What else could these two sexual beings do in a broken elevator?

Peaches & Cream

Another sexy moment in season 5, episode 9, Molly (Clementine Ford) and Shane (Katherine Moennig) take a chance on love. Molly enjoys her first lesbian sexual experience with Shane. Rolling on the bed with golden-cream sheets, they slowly made love to one another. This lesbian couple made sex extremely enjoyable to watch. 

The L Word ended in 2009 but got a reboot ten years later. The L Word’s spiritual successor, The L Word: Generation Q, was released in 2019. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Lewis Ryan revealed they were going to represent more types of couples. “We are still interested in exploring a polyamorous relationship more.” The second season of the reboot will be announced soon. 

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