A burglar robbed Ellen DeGeneres’ mansion while she was taping her show in the home studio


Ellen DeGeneres’s and Portia de Rossi’s home was burglarized earlier this month.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said that the lesbian power couple’s home in Montecito, California was broken into on July 4 and that they may have been targeted “due to the victim’s celebrity status.”

“High-value jewelry and watches were stolen,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Police said that they are “conducting an extensive and ongoing investigation” and believe that the burglary may be connected to other, recent celebrity home burglaries. They said that they are in contact with other law enforcement agencies.

Ellen has been filming her show from home for the past few months as bringing hundreds of people together at her Hollywood studio would violate social distancing measures put in place to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

But Ellen and Portia live in an 8,100 square-foot mansion, which may have made it possible for a thief to enter one part unnoticed.

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