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Tiffany Haddish Black Mitzvah 2019


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'Tiffany comes out on stage with four men carrying her. She drops on to the stage, bursts into an energetic rap, and begins her stand-up a little breathless. Tiffany is bringing that energy, and the audience refuses to sit down until she politely asks them too. Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah is the comedian in all her outrageous glory. She’s turning 40, and its time to celebrate.

tiffany comes out onstage

Tiffany proudly states she is Jewish, and that this is her Black Mitzvah. The comedian breaks into her life of survival and that it is time to celebrate. The Netflix special is more than stand-up, it’s the comedian in her true, anomalous form.

That’s why Tiffany stands out in film and comedy. She’s not a comedian, she’s not an actress; the well-celebrated performer conforms to her quirky edges without a care in the world. Tiffany is the central point of any social event, consuming her acquaintances with laughter.

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah breaks a time when the actress requested if she could borrow Beyonce’s suit off her mother, and how ironically, she was surprised it was a perfect fit for Tiffany.

F–k the gym, Tiffany bellows to the audience.

Tiffany eventually gives the audience her main segments, discussing the time she had the “worst day at work”. Of course, it involves a copious amount of drinking the night before that led to her ultimate downfall.

But the whole point of Tiffany’s story of her “worst day” is how her friend persuaded Tiffany to go on a night out; her friend listed Tiffany’s achievements and wondered why she has never celebrated them. The segment was an exciting reminder how of much Tiffany Haddish has achieved; from homeless to best-selling books — she couldn’t read until she was 16. Tiffany reminds her fans that she’s hilarious, but a point of inspiration.

By the time you reach the third act of Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah you will be winded from laughter as Tiffany describes the difference between f–king a fat and a skinny dude. She slyly suggests she’s trying to buy her mother a house because she has been unable to gain any privacy, preventing her from getting d–k for a year. Tiffany is her raw self in her Netflix special, making it one of the best stand-ups on the streaming platform in 2019.'

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