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Alla ricerca del piacere AKA Amuck!


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gfhjklProbably best known for the presence of its two female leads in the form of Rosalba & Barbara Bouchet along with their justifiably famous slo-motion love scene, AMUCK ! is a prime example of 70’s Italian exploitation cinema. Most often labeled as a giallo it always seemed to me (in spite of its contemporary setting) to be more in the line of a perverse gothic mystery with elements of the giallo mixed in. As with many movies of this ilk it portrays the upper class/wealthy as morally corrupt hedonists with no scruples who attempt to destroy the working class via sex & violence with whom they treat as playthings to be discarded at the conclusion. Unfortunately as far as home video it’s always been hindered by some truly awful bootleg releases by way of crappy VHS transfers and really needs a nice widescreen edition

gretaGreta, a beautiful young American woman, travels to Italy and is hired as a secretary by Richard Stuart, a wealthy author. Her secret motive for taking on the job is to look for Sally, her missing lover. Richard’s very attractive wife becomes sexually interested in the beautiful Greta and lets her know it. One evening while viewing of a porn movie, Greta is stunned to see the film stars her missing love, Sally. Greta also discovers a deadly secret about Richard and his wife and they learn Greta’s real motive and decide to have some fun with her! Starring two of Italy’s most beautiful starlets; Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri. It’s a classic and worthy giallo with great killings and lots of nudity.


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