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Boomerang 1992


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 Met de hele familie heen geweest en van het begin tot het eind indertijd dubbel gelegen van het lachen.

A cocky ad executive, Marcus (Eddie Murphy) has a reputation as a ladies’ man. However, Marcus gets a taste of his own medicine when a merger finds him working under the beautiful Jacqueline (Robin Givens), who has a similarly cavalier attitude about romance. Marcus and Jacqueline become involved, but he is put off by her noncommittal approach to their relationship. Meanwhile, Marcus also begins to develop feelings for the pretty Angela (Halle Berry), who is more thoughtful than Jacqueline.

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence, David Allen Grier, Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt

Director: Reginald Hudlin

Tags: Grace Jones, Halle Berry, Eartha Kitt, Robin Givins

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