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A League Of Their Own 1992


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“A League of Their Own” is such a milestone film. Directed by a strong woman, featuring strong women.

It’s a feminist sports film, a criminally underpopulated genre.

It’s about sisterhood in all its forms; its highs and its lows.

It’s about not apologizing for your talent, but saying your sorry when you’ve underestimated another’s value.

It’s a film that doesn’t reduce the female characters to 💛 interests. Their potential is not determined by their romantic status.

And it’s a film that understands that being a part of a team doesn’t not mean sacrificing your individuality or your uniqueness. While “there is no I in TEAM,” there is no strength in a group that does not appreciate its parts, the combination of personalities that makes it “a team.” So often women are told to subsume their needs for the better of the group, to not talk back, not to show emotion, and Penny Marshall showed that to be powerful—to win—you need to let everyone’s personalities shine through, and not hide anyone’s light.

Penny Marshall
Penny Marshall October 15, 1943 - December 17, 2018,
understood the power of women, and especially of women united


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