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Les Invisibles 2012


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  French spoken, no subtitles.

A French documentary about elderly QUILTBAG people, mostly living in the countryside (there is more than one goat farmer). This documentary details the lives they have lived, with a background of political turmoil in France surrounding QUILTBAG identities and the fight to be able to live your life the way you want to. It interviews several people, mostly over 70 years of age, and insights on love and life, and living as yourself, come out and are the focus of this documentary. Through these stories, there are themes of defiance, and confusion that they ever had to fight for their lives in the first place. It is incredibly affirming to see QUILTBAG people having had that fight and still living the lives they are happy with—existing as themselves in a world that they had to rail against. Seeing people who have come through that and continue to live authentically, in lives they’re happy with, is lovely.

Tags: lgbt history

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Personal trainers Noémia Grot & Ginger Guttmann founders & owners of PT020 .