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Graffiti Bridge 1990


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The plot to Graffiti Bridge is something like an acid-horror version of Bring It On. This post has little to do with Prince or his music, but since I have some great gifs to burn, I’m going to try to give you a brief synopsis of Graffiti Bridge:

Set probably six years after the events of Purple Rain, the story of Graffiti Bridge takes place at Seven Corners, an intersection where seven great music clubs all exist across the street from each other. No one can figure out why these clubs are having trouble making money. Morris Day, funk antagonist, owns four of these clubs. The other three clubs are owned by Prince, Mavis Staples and George Clinton. Despite the dying wishes of a minor character from Purple Rain, Morris Day is aggressiely taking over the other clubs by vandalizing them and/or performing inside of them - a very effective strategy because the doors to the clubs at Seven Corners are never locked and people are free to come and go as they please, and also the club owners all live inside of them. It is always dark outside.

Morris tells Prince that his spiritual music will never change anybody, but this fails to persude Prince to surrender ownership of his club, Glam Slam, which would be the name of my favorite drag queen in a perfect world. Instead, Prince challenges Morris to a music battle for the independence of the clubs, which concerns everyone because nobody likes Prince’s music anymore. It’s up to Aura, a sexy angel who has no issues with personal space and will seduce anybody if that’s what it takes, to inspire the music that will lead Prince to victory. But how? Aura was sent here on a mission from heaven and she has the power to fade in and out of scenes as she pleases, but she lives underneath a bridge with some words spray painted on it, sleeping on a bed of cardboard and newspapers. Aura dies and Prince wins the battle, “and with a ballad!”

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